Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Little Bit About Quantum Physics and Meditation

"The essential point in science is not a complicated mathematical formalism or a ritualized experimentation.
Rather the heart of science is a kind of shrewd honesty that springs from really wanting to know what the hell is going on!"


Yes, hello everyone. In this post I would like to get in to some of the heavier stuff. I'd like to get in to some of the implications of the more recent findings in physics, particularly quantum physics. For those of us who prefer to have a somewhat more mystical world view than our straight up materialism, quantum physics tends to agree with us. Now quantum physics deals with mainly really small things and things that scientists think may exist or do exist at any given time as a probability (sound like a fantastical tale?), so it's a bit different to the sort of physics that says "If I throw this ball the force of my arm will propel it in to the air until another force (gravity) brings it back down, look here's a graph". Fortunately (in my opinion) reality itself is actually a bit more like the quantum stuff than may be first apparent.

If I can cut to the chase and get right in to the findings of quantum experiments it appears to be the case that information about all of reality (the past and the future included) apparently exists in some ambient state all around the universe. Furthermore, this information pops in and out of reality and you can never be really sure where, or if, it is. This information can in fact be a quite large amount of information. In a similar way that in holograms the entire image is contained in any part of the hologram, information (now remember I'm talking about physics experiments here) on pretty much everything seems to be conserved and passed on in mysterious, but scientifically verifiable ways.

In our normal state of consciousness, perception of this level of reality doesn't really happen to a very large degree. Let's face it would probably be quite confusing while we were driving down the freeway if things were popping in and out of existence and not behaving the normal rules of time. Although, at times this might be seen as merciful... However I would like to invite you to alter your state of consciousness to experience a taste of what sorts of information might start popping in to your head, lets say, without you reading it on the internet first. If you had a casual conversation with say a Tibetan Monk, they might tell you that when you completely still your mind you will start to perceive reality, I suspect that the reality quantum science is starting to discover might be the same one.

The science that was meant to enlighten us as to all that is true and dispel all falsehoods and superstitions may actually be on it's way to doing so..

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