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Insomnia and Brainwave Entrainment

Insomnia: A Drug-Free Audio Technique Relieves Sleep Disorders
Saturday, 27 October 2007 - Dexter Dickinson

Everyone has an occasional night of bad sleep. For most people, insomnia lasts only a few days and goes away without treatment. However, factors such as stress can cause a higher level of insomnia that may last for several weeks or longer. This kind of insomnia may not go away on its own, and can lead to both short- and long-term health problems if left untreated.

Insomnia is becoming an increasingly common complaint which currently affects more than a third of all adults.

"Until last year I would have done almost anything to solve my sleep problems. For most of my life I had been 'one of those persons' cursed with insomnia and troubled sleep." says Yan Muckle, an author of two books and numerous health-related feature magazine articles who developed the SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program™. "I also learned about a proven technology that can work wonders with anyone's brain activity -- and, in this case, that can condition your brain for sound, optimal sleep."

Studies and tests done by sleep researchers have showed that the capacity to fall asleep, then enter and stay in a deep sleep is a skill. Muckle's SleepTracks audio program consists of tracks that are safely engineered to induce immediate AND long-term changes in brain activity. They're using an increasingly popular (but still little-known, even after 30 years) technology called "brainwave entrainment".

The Sleep Tracks are designed to influence the electrical activity going on in your brain in the form of brainwaves. It's meant to "entrain" them by the same process that's been used by humans for thousands of years to generate altered states and trances: by using rhythm.

"If you listen to a rhythmic sound for awhile -- it could be anything, a drum beating at 5 beats per second for example -- and concentrate on it, something will change inside of you." says Muckle. "After a couple minutes your brain will start to sync itself to the rhythm, and generate more brainwaves that will vibrate at the same rate per second as the sound you hear. Your brain will mimic the wave of the repeating sound."

Even though it's been around only since the 80's, today many doctors, professionals in the areas of psychology and neurology and institutional clinics rely on brainwave entrainment technology to train, empower and treat people for a wide variety of issues -- and it has proved particularly effective at combating insomnia and re-training the brain to sleep deeply and naturally.

The SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program™ is a complete solution. It provides all you need to regain control over your sleep once and for all.

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