Thursday, February 26, 2009

What? Surf a Brainwave?

Yes, hello everyone and welcome to this blog. Can you really surf a brainwave? Well as far as I know only in a metaphorical sense. Can you really surf the Internet? Sure you can, that's what brought you here so why not? I'm sure it will catch on... So really what is this blog about? Well it will be about free stress relief techniques like meditation, philosophy of science and psychology (I can already hear you saying "Why the heck would you want to talk about that? But stick around it will be worth it), some of our more overlooked geniuses like Eric Berne and other people who are largely unliked for being overly intelligent or having innovative ideas and if I ever get any decent waves it will be about surfing.

So why am I writing this blog? Well there's plenty of psych blogs out there which only give the information the severely toilet trained are happy to give, plenty of marketing for stuff like brainwave entrainment and self hypnosis and lots of stuff that's fairly boring, so it looks like someone needs to fill the picture out somewhat. So I'm going to share what I've learnt from my admittedly relatively limited experience in the study of Behavioral Science, working in research in the community and in clinical trials, using brainwave entrainment, going to various different temples and surfing. It may not float your boat but it may at least make you say "Hey I never really thought this boat floated like that!" and thats always pretty cool.

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Surf Brainwaves? What does the Chief think??.. Right on.

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